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Our Boat Collection.

Sea Star RS

The Sea Star is the entry level range, born to deal with this historical moment of crisis. A 6 and 50 meter boat declined in two R and RS versions depending on the chosen engine. While keeping intact the quality, style and performances that have made the brand famous, the cost is highly competitive and contained.

Technical Features:

Length 6.53 m.
Beam 2.25 m.
Weight 1.25 T
Draft 0.40 m.
Fuel Tank 190 Lt
Person 6
Speed From 40-70 Knots


Mercury Mercruiser 220HP 220HP
Mercury Mercruiser 250HP 250HP
Volvo Penta 225HP 225HP
Volvo Penta 280HP 280HP

Elite 27'R

Compact boat that lends itself to a particularly sport use and therefore fast, but which also does not mind some mini cruise, for which and ‘able to accommodate two people for the night. This version in addition to collecting the best of the old model, above all benefits from the large number of vehicles built that testify its great reliability ‘and security.

Technical Features:

Length o.a 7.45 m.
Length of the hull 8,3 m.
Beam 2,4 m.
Desplacement 2 T
Draft 0,60 m.
Fuel Tank 265 Lt
Person no06
CE Omologation Cat.C


Engines Crise|Max
1x 300 Hp Mercruiser 6.2L - B1 DTS 35/42 Kn
1x 350 Hp Mercruiser 6.2L - B1 DTS 36/46 Kn
1x 430 Hp Mercuiser 8.0 MAG HO - B1 DTS 40/60 Kn
1x 260 Hp Mercury Diesel V6 3.0L - B1 DTS 35/42 Kn
1x 370 Hp Mercury Diesel V8 4.2L - B1 DTS 38/48 Kn
1x 300 Hp Volvo Penta D4 - 300 35/42 Kn
1x 370 Hp Volvo Penta D6 - 370 38/45 Kn

Mito 23'

Grandson of the glorious sea star and son of Sea Star Sport 23, the new Mito 23 stands out for its exceptional hull accompanied by an aggressive and unmistakable line. The project was established with the specific need to improve the comfort and the pleasure of being on board, so the design of the deck and interior layout have been the subject of a complete overhaul. Myth 23 remains a small offshore capable of giving great emotions.

Technical Features:

Length o.a 7.65 m.
Beam 2,23 m.
Displacement 1,4 T
Draft 0,40 m.
Fuel Tank 240 Lt
Speed upto 70 Knots
CE Omologation Cat.C


Inboard Engines
Mercruiser V6 4,3 L. MPI 220 cv Alpha Drive
Mercruiser V8 5,7 L. 350 MAG 300 cv Bravo 1 DTS
Volvo Penta V8 5,7 L. 320 cv DPS - Duo Prop
Mercruiser V8 8,2 L. MAG DTS 380/430 cv Bravo 1 DTS
Outboard Engines
Up to 350 hp 38/48 Kn

Mito 33'

Myth 33 looks to the past with an eye to the future: not deny the shipyard’s philosophy focused on “substance”, ie production, primarily, of boats from the sporty and aggressive DNA, capable of giving great emotions, but the revisits allowing more space to look, in search of that aesthetic taste all Italian makes us unrivaled in the world.The proper balance between hull and engines was reached on the Myth 33 with the use of a pair of Mercruiser 496 hp each capable of pushing the boat to the maximum speed of 65 knots. Alternatively you can opt for a double engine Mercruiser Mag 350 hp and a maximum speed of 45/50 knots still remarkable.

Technical Features:

Length o.a 9,98 m.
Beam 2,63 m.
Displacement 3.65 T
Draft 0,65 m.
Fuel Tank 580 Lt
Speed upto 70 Knots
CE Omologation Cat.C


2x260 hp Mercury diesel 3.0 V6 TDI Bravo 1 - DTS
2x370 hp Mercury diesel 4,2 V8 V8 TDI Bravo 3 - DTS
2x300 hp Mercruiser 350 MAG V8 5,7 Bravo 1 - DTS
2x320 hp Mercruiser 377 MAG V8 6,2 Bravo 1 - DTS
2x430 hp Mercruiser MAG H.O V8 8,2 Bravo 1 - DTS

Mito 42'

Those who see it fall in love with it, who feels it is aware of driving a boat that conveys strong emotions ... .the "Tullio Abbate" par excellence created to combine extreme performance and the simple pleasure of sailing.. Pretending class "1" performance does not mean giving up the pleasures of a comfortable life on board and with all that life at sea requires.

Technical Features:

Length o.a 12,55 m.
Beam 2,67 m.
Height Cabin 1,80 T
Displacement 6,0 T
Water Capacity 120 L
Fuel Tank 1,150 Lt
Speed upto 80 Knots
CE Omologation Cat.C
Fuel option Diesel-Petrol


2x370 hp Mercury diesel 4.2 TDI (up to 45 kn)
2x480 hp Hp Yanmar TD (up to 50 kn)
2x750 hp Hp Seastk TD (up to 70 kn)
2x662 hp Hp Mercruiser SCi (up to 70 kn)
2x850 hp Hp Mercruiser SCi (up to 80 kn)

Soleil 35

The elegance of this boat goes beyond its dimension: to think that it is a craft. In only 10 meters of the hull is a technology that allows you to have concentrated high performance without compromising the comfort of navigation. The 35 knots cruise are not perceived and lowering even little the levers graze the 45 nodes.

Technical Features:

Length o.a 10,80 m.
Length of the Hull 9,98 m.
Beam 3,32 m.
Height Cabin 1,70 T
Draft 0,90 m
Displacement 4,6 T
Water Capacity 230 L
Fuel Tank 1,150 Lt
Speed upto 60 Knots
CE Omologation Cat.C


2x260 Hp Mercury diesel 3.0 V6 TDI (28 / 36 kn)
2 x 315 Hp Yanmar 6L TD(28 / 36 kn)
22 x 370 Hp Mercury diesel 4.2 V8 TDI (32 / 42 kn)
2 x 380 Hp Yanmar 6L TD (32 / 42 kn)

Sunshine 28’

To meet the increasingly refinedned needs of the nautical market, Tullio Abate has created a new model characterized by a consistently sporty and elegant style: the sunshine 28’. The navigability of this imbrication is the result of the experience of Tullio Abate who, as always, knew how to give great determination, stability and speed to the hull of the new sun 28 '

Technical Features:

Length o.a 6.20 MT
Width 2.22 m.
Weight 3 T
People Cap. 6
Power up to 150HP


1 Mercruiser 350MAG 300HP 5.7 l. Bravo 3
Volvo Penta V8 270HP 5.0 l. EVC DPS
1 Volvo Penta V8 300HP 5.7l. EVC DPS
1 Volvo Penta V8 380HP 6.0 l. EVC DPS

Villa D'Este

A dream born of noble, alive nd scented material: wood.. making its way through previously unseen features, forms and outlines; it is now a perfect expression of true modernity coming out from the tradition of the past.. its name “Villa d’Este Special”

Technical Features:

Length o.a 9.98 MT
Width 2.80 m.
Weight 3.5 T
Fuel Tank 680 Lt.
Water tank 70 Lt.
Passengers 10
Sleep 2


Engine from 250 to 350 HP cad. Gasoline or diesel

Tullio Abbate Kid

A special boat range made just for Kids exclusively known as Tullio Abbate Kid

Technical Features:

Length o.a 3.5 MT
Beam 1.43 m.
Weight 200 KG
Sleep 35 Knots


1 x mercury 25 hp efi Costruction

Surrounded by the charm of Lake Como, a champion who made history by powerboat realizes high-speed dreams. In the naval base of Mezzegra exclusive powerboat models are conceived, designed and built for half a century with a winning mix of high technology, Italian design and the love for the tradition that only a craftsman can grow in memory and pass on to future generations. The result is an emotion that draws on the water a signature known around the world


A state-of-the-art shipyard, leader since the eighties and nineties in technological processes. With high-level boats present today as protagonists on the market


In the wake of the great Italian tradition. Streaming lines, classic details and model personalization. Pursuing a beauty back in fashion.


Novemila boats on the market, confirming a product that resists over time. The tradition of the shipwrights and the legend of speed from the pioneers to today.


The challenge of the future is the electric vessel, which has been at the center of the innovation challenge for four years. Research and development at the service of quality and man.


About Tullio Abbate

Surrounded by the charm of Lake Como, a champion who has made the history of speedboat makes dreams come true at high speed. In the nautical base of Mezzegra exclusive models of motorboats are designed, studied and built for half a century with a winning mix of high technology, Italian design and that love for tradition that only a great craftsman can cultivate in his memory and transmit to new generations. The result is an emotion that draws on the water a signature known all over the world

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